Don’t you just hate it when…

Posted by Jeff Schuler on Jun 23, 2010 in Uncategorized |
  1. You step in something wet while you’re wearing socks.
  2. You stop at a stop sign and wait for a car to pass.  As they approach the intersection without a stop or yield sign, they stop and then look at you wondering why you aren’t going.  Come on.
  3. You’re waiting to turn right at a red light, but you can’t because there is one car in front of you that waits until the light turns green to also turn right.
  4. You are walking down the hallway and you turn down another hallway at the exact same time as someone else coming from a different direction.  Now there you are, walking right next to this person at the exact same speed as if synchronized walking.  You don’t know them, but you feel like you should say something.  Of course you don’t say a word because all you can think of is how much you want them to not be there.  What could you say? “Nice hallway, eh?” No, that is weird, almost as weird as the situation that you’re in.
  5. You are attempting to open your can of soda discretely, but you always fail.
  6. You are invited to hang out with a girl (or guy) and you expect it to just be you two.  To your dismay, you arrive and there are several other people there, invited by the same person, and they hadn’t told you because if they had you probably wouldn’t have shown up in the first place.  This probably only bothers me when I’m in introvert mode.  Who am I kidding, this always bothers me.
  7. Foreigners shout on their cell phones in gibberish while indoors.
  8. Doing anything that involves contacting your cell phone or cable provider.
  9. Paying for monthly insurance on your cell phone, then when it breaks and you proudly storm into the store to eagerly claim what is yours you are told: “Sorry, the insurance will not cover this.  I’m sorry that your phone no longer turns on or can’t retain a charge, but there is a scratch here on the side which means there is physical damage.”  If this ever happens to you, lose your mind and argue with them for hours until the manager gives in just to get you out of the store, it worked for me.  This is very specific, but I feel like this happens to everyone.
  10. Someone with zero web design experience tells you what they think their site should look like.

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