This is the first post at EngineerSphere.com, I’ll consider this a landmark.  The goal of EngineerSphere.com is to bring the technical community together to make things easier on everybody.  There will be frequent informative posts on a multitude of electrical / computer engineer-related subjects.  As time goes on, other focus’ will be added on to better accommodate the entire spectrum.  Whether you are an undergrad, graduate, or even a professor, everyone can find something useful here.  If there is a subject that you would like covered in greater detail send an email to Jeff@engineersphere.com and an admin, a knowledgeable poster, or myself will gladly elaborate on given subject.  Don’t have time for that?  Sometimes we don’t either, but someone reading does, simply post your specific question in the Q & A section of the website and enjoy free help.  If you are bored or need a 5 minute break from that Fourier Transform, log in and answer a few questions!

The ‘Vault’ Section of the website is for specific members only and is available by invite only.  If you would like access to the The Vault, email jeff@engineersphere.com and just let me know.  The Vault will contain a large database of solutions manuals that users have collected over the years.  A separate, public vault will be available to the community that will consist of freeware type software such as p-spice, visual studio, and PCB artist.  Again, if you have something you would like to contribute to the public or private vault, or are looking for something in particular, make it known and it shall be done.

That is all.  Enjoy.

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